Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Stories

Leslie Patterson: "Despite snow, wind and icy slush that sent a couple students sprawling, Brian Pietrzycki, Elizabeth, Diana and I handed out 1100 Vegan Outreach leaflets at Columbia College Chicago yesterday in a little over 5 hours. Take that Chiberia!"

Victor Sjodin: "Lots of love to Elizabeth Freeman. Went vegan after we met and she got a booklet from me in Dayton, Ohio. We stayed in touch and today while on spring break she joined us to leaflet others! What a beautiful person! We also reached 4,379 Santa Barbara students today."

And from Yuri Mitzkewich: "Leafleting Miami-Dade College students today, someone calls out the 5-0 on me for a complaint of 'harassment.' Officer responding finds the Vegan Outreach literature so compelling he not only takes a Compassionate Choices leaflet and Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating - but 10 more extra CCs to give to fellow officers at the precinct! Lol! So thank you anonymous do-gooder - the whole MDPD sub-station got vegucated today thanks to your helpful assistance!"

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One to Offset the Other

Ginny posts this farm happy to promote how they treat their hens. Wonder if the farmers who are so proud of this would like to be reincarnated as one of their birds. Yeeesh.

To wash the taste of that out of your mouth, Kelly sends this funny bit from last year: 19 Signs You’ve Been Vegan Too Long. 17 and 18 are hilarious!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"It is so gratifying to find an organization we can get behind 100%"

Cristina Meyers, Kassy Ortega, Chris Dietrich, Kim Moffatt,
and Lauren Hart at Bowie State

Accompanying a donation:

We continue to dig deep for Vegan Outreach because we know that the money will be used wisely to wake people up to the truth of today's animal agriculture and their role in driving that process. People in general are so consistently against animal cruelty that it really is just a matter of connecting the dots, of educating them to the appalling industry standards and their inherent cruelties.  Thank God that it is not a matter of making cruel people kind, but rather just awakening kind people to their unnecessary participation in a cruel process. That's where Vegan Outreach shines. We are grateful for your leadership, for your specific methods of raising awareness, for your integrity.
     There are so many of you within VO that inspire us, whose efforts buoy us up every day.  You guys aren't just kind and honest, you are also super efficient.  It is so gratifying to find an organization we can get behind 100%, with no qualms or reservations.
-DR, 3/2/14

Monday, March 3, 2014

Driven to Tears

The Swedish Avenger strikes again!

Lorenzo, now going to stop eating all animals!

This Santa Monica College student was driven to tears;
is now going back to being veg!

Tara has been vegetarian since getting a VO booklet last year!

Lonnie is now going vegan!

Tiffany McWilliams


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Catching Up on News

Ginny does her standard honest and thorough job on grains:
Grains in Vegan Diets: No, They Won’t Make You Fat or Sick
(See also her analysis on Potassium in Vegan Diets)

The more vegan options, the closer we are to a vegan world!
Chipotle's Sofritas Burrito, its new vegan option, is available starting March 3rd in New York City and Boston, and is rolling out nationally. (Also see Restaurant News' take)

Along those lines, remember: Alex on Animal Advocacy for All

And why would someone want to try this vegan option?
Drug-Resistant Bacteria on Chicken: It’s Everywhere and the Government Can’t Help

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Into Service!

Melissa MacDonald handed out
more than 2,600 VO booklets working
alongside Vic Sjodin last semester!

Thanks to The Pollination Project, you can get the “buzz” from service with Vegan Outreach this spring semester!

Would you like to try your hand at handing out Vegan Outreach booklets with an established Vegan Outreach leafleter? Our great friends at The Pollination Project have set up a new fund to reimburse up to $250 in expenses for individuals who are able to take 2–12 days to leaflet this semester!

Activists of all ages are welcome to apply!

For this pilot program, opportunities are limited to cities/areas where Vegan Outreach will have experienced leafleters. If you are interested and want to check eligibility, please contact us with your location and available date(s).

Friday, February 28, 2014

"Meat is an addiction," and more from Vic

Vic with Thomas, who said "meat is an addiction"
and was very grateful for the conversation and Guide.

Daisy and Medea both want to go veg now!

Super long conversation with Monica, very interested!

Dina Kourda at Downtown Disney.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Swedish Avenger, Pt. 2

Lauren now wants to go veg and get active for the animals!

Inez now wants to go veg!

Jeremy wanted more info on veg eating -- BAM! Guided!

Brendan got veg lunch, interested in going veg full-time!

After reading their booklets, had very positive discussion with Vic.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Swedish Animal Avenger, Pt. 1

Vic's latest batch of pictures:

Everything is good ... now that Dwight is going vegan!

Monique now wants to go vegan, too!

UFC fighter Dominic now interested in going veg!

Stephen Litrov makes the animals' case.

Vic almost always sees loads of students entirely engrossed in the VO booklets.

Although not everyone is moved by the booklets.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Pics from Across the Country!

After talking with Steve Erlsten, Melinda is going
to use her Guide to cut out all animal products!

Kassy Ortega reports from George Washington U: Dave gave Deleana
a booklet, and she later came back to say she was now committed
to going vegetarian and eventually vegan!

Dan and his girlfriend now planning to go vegan
after talking with Christoper Guinn!

Rachel Shippee (above) and Haley Chaffey (below)
at Oklahoma State.

Cincdy told Kassy she stopped eating animals
since getting a VO booklet last semester.