Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting to the Heart

A recent email exchange:

EM: I am a vegan for life. I want to know: is a veg/ local/ in-season diet as sustainable as a hunter/ gatherer way of life?

VO:  Thanks so much for writing! Vegan Outreach focuses only on what isn't debatable -- we don't try to make any / every argument that might seem pro-veg. We don't want to get into debates over ill-defined / controversial / abstract terms (like "sustainable"). If you'd like to understand our approach better, please take a few minutes to look at A Meaningful Life.

EM: Thank you -- that is what I was looking for. Focusing on what isn't debatable -- reducing suffering as much as possible for animals.

And for your Friday Night Video, here's VO member John Darnielle / The Mountain Goats.

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