Thursday, April 8, 2010

Personal Dogma vs. Reaching New People

The post below was originally attributed to Phil Letten, when it is actually Kenny Torrella. We apologize for the mistake.

Predictably, Kenny Torrella was attacked for his post, along the lines satirized by this comment:

You seem to think that reaching new people and getting them to consider changing is what matters. You are so wrong! All that matters is passing judgment on people, to criticize them if they don't live up to my current definition of purity!

Making a difference doesn't matter. My Glorious Veganism is all that matters!! Get with the program or be excommunicated!!

Or, as Jonathan Safran Foer put it, in his interview with Erik Marcus: Are we going to promote the last step -- focusing on our personal diet and views -- or will we work to get more people to take the first step -- reaching out to them where they currently are?