Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pig News from Paul, and Joe Post

From the youngest very-long-time member of VO, Paul Shapiro, the 9th Circuit reinstated California's law banning the slaughter of downer pigs.

Paul is one example of how animal advocacy attracts some of the very best people in the world. Another is Joe Espinosa. Just one example of Joe's dedication just came to my inbox -- yesterday, Joe leafleted at Bowling Green U (5 hours from where he lives near Chicago) from 7:40am-3:40pm, directly reaching over 1,200 students! He wrote:

During this 8 hours of leafleting, I was thinking about a facebook conversation I had had Monday with an animal advocate here in Illinois where I suggested that less anger and more polite advocacy amongst meat eaters would best serve animals interests, he suggested that animals interests are best served by us expressing our anger at "corpse munchers," and that we advocates do not have enough anger.  At 12 noon the campus preacher showed up wearing a shirt that said "Trust Jesus," then went on to bombastically condemn students for their wickedness.  It was the perfect example of angry advocacy and a waste of good First Amendment rights.  People skills are all around us ;-)