Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sexy EN Pledge

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Jon passes along the new incarnation of the College VegPledge, which will be for May this year.

Finally, an update to this story:

Last year, Robert received a Why Vegan while visiting the International festival with his family. As he started to read it, his wife and daughter each purchased a chicken drum stick, and asked him if he wanted one too. He replied, "You need to read this pamphlet. I don't think you want to eat meat anymore." So, after receiving the pamphlet at last year's festival, he pretty much became a vegetarian before reaching the end of the first row of booths. His wife and daughter became vegetarian the next morning. His daughter has now convinced two of her classmates at school to go vegetarian, and she is now working on her third.
     It is now exactly one year later, and the entire family has come back to the International Festival for the purpose of leafleting the event at which they themselves received their Why Vegan. Together, this weekend we gave out almost 5,000.
-Eugene Khutoryansky, 4/20/08

Eugene reports that the family is now vegan, and Robert (shown here while leafleting) is nominated for "Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door." Robert and his wife, both personal trainers, now advocate veg to their clients. Another example of the power of one booklet (congratulations to Casey, who handed Robert the booklet).