Sunday, April 11, 2010

Team Vegan 2010 Sneak Peak

We’re getting ready for Team Vegan 2010, which officially kicks off May 1.

This year will be much different, with more opportunities for anyone, anywhere to get involved!

That means you!

Don’t want to run? You can train for a walk-a-thon, or set a biking goal, or swim to get in shape. You can plan a leaflet-a-thon, walk dogs, cat-sit, etc.

If you do want to train and race, we will be developing various training programs for various levels and distances, and we can help you find (or plan) a race in your area.

The official Team Vegan website is now live! We've also set up the Team Vegan blog, where we are already posting training tips, schedules, and links of general interest – please join up and post your questions and insights. The Team Vegan Facebook page is also back, allowing people across the country to interact.

Again this year, our incredible members, John and Fany will double the money you raise, dollar-for-dollar!

This is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved with Vegan Outreach, work together towards a goal, and help the animals! Be sure to be a part of the Team Vegan blog and Facebook page for more updates, and feel free to contact us with questions or comments – thanks!