Monday, May 24, 2010

Doubled Doubling! Get It Now!

Huge News!

Another donor has come forward to help Vegan Outreach change the world!

Any money donated to a member of Team Vegan from TODAY (May 24th) through and including June 2nd will be doubled immediately by this donor.

That's right  every dollar donated to a Team Vegan member between now and June 2nd will immediately be doubled, dollar-for-dollar, by the same amount from our anonymous donor – up to $1,000 per team member!

And all the money contributed  including the doubling by this anonymous donor  will again be doubled by John and Fany in August! 

It is win-win-win* for the animals!

Among others, Team Vegan includes such outstanding leafleters as Michelle CehnPhil LettenDarina SmithJim Hillman, The Animal Awareness Project  all of whom would greatly appreciate your support!!

Any questions? Please contact us!

* Example  Contribute $50 to Vegan Outreach via Jack Norris' page. An additional $50 also goes up at the same time! Then, in August, John and Fany will donate and additional $100 to Vegan Outreach. $200 worth of booklets reach new people!! So please support Team Vegan today – thanks!

Above, Compassion For Animals takes the animals' message to the young people of Toronto.

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