Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Students, Leaflets, the Animals, and You!

This week's Enewsletter is now sailing to you – if you are subscribed, please look for it.

In it, we cover the huge numbers of students reached by Adopt a College advocates already this semester, and relate stories of lives changed by our dedicated leafleters.

We also talk about how you can help continue and expand this work by being a part of Team Vegan! There are still a few days to join such that you can put hundreds of dollars to work for the animals. Check out the team so far – now up to 90! You can be a part of this amazing group of people dedicated to making sure the animals have as great a voice as possible.

You can also be a contributor to any member of Team Vegan (or the general fund), and your donations will go twice as far for the animals!

As you know, Vegan Outreach is all about allowing everyone to be as effective an advocate as possible for the animals. Being a part of Team Vegan – as a member or as a donor – is a great way to be a part of changing lives and changing the world!


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