Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Team Vegan Welcome and Feedback

Anne has just posted a Welcome message over at the Team Vegan blog. Please contact us with questions or comments.

And, from activist extraordinaire and Team Vegan member, Todd Lent:

Such an amazing day at SUNY Albany! Overall, the acceptance rate was ~80%, and I had tons of positive responses and interactions. A sample:
     After having received one, a girl came up to me and said these booklets “are really good,” and she's giving up all meat.
     One girl took one and told me she'd read it later because her roommate read one and it made her cry.
     Another guy came up to me after having read one and said that he sat and pondered it and decided that he's giving up meat for good. He also took a few leaflets to hand out to his earth science class.
     Someone else approached me a few minutes after having received the leaflet and said his sister is vegan and that he's decided to make the switch. I gave him and other new veggies copies of the Guide to help them out.
     I also had a handful of lengthy conversations that proved pretty beneficial. One ended with one guy saying “I was going to get a chicken salad for lunch, but not now.”

You can go to Todd's TV page and make a donation to help him continue this work!

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