Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Your Donations Accomplish

As a follow-up to yesterday's great Team Vegan Doubled Doubling news, here's two bits of feedback from Team Vegan members that show what your donations accomplish!

At Saginaw Valley State University, the most memorable interaction was with two big guys. One was black, so I mentioned a few prominent African American's who are veg (Russel Simmons, KRS, Mos Def) and also threw in some athletes (Tony Gonzalez, Carl Lewis). They both still seemed a little unwilling to never eating meat again. I mentioned that even cutting down on meat lessens a lot of suffering. One got excited and said, "I can do that!" They both walked away intently reading the leaflets.
Phil Letten, 4/23/10

At the Durham Earth Day celebration, we handed out vegan chicken salad wraps with the Compassionate Choices. To say they were a hit with the very non-veg crowd (right) is an understatement. We had people coming to our booth after hearing how good they were: "Now, WHAT are you serving here? If this ain't chicken, what is in my mouth?" and "Where can I get these?" and "My kid doesn't like anything...and he loves these!" and "This isn't chicken?" When we ran out of wraps, we gave Compassionate Choices to passerbys, though some were sad the wraps they'd heard about were gone. Thirty people signed up and will be getting the recipe and Vegan Outreach links. Others copied down our vegan food blog where I'll be posting the recipe. Most asked where to get the patties (Whole Foods).
Eleni and  Rob, 4/24/10

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