Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bittman on Food, Attitude, and Advocacy

I started a longer writeup on this, but I think Mark Bittman's post stands on its own:

Bitty’s Book Review: Is Meat for Pussies?

One thing it took me years to understand is that I – and other vegans – aren't our target audience. People who currently eat animals are the only ones in a position to help animals with their food choices. So VO doesn't advocate what sounds good or makes sense to us, or celebrates / justifies our personal choices, or receives praise from our fellow vegans. It absolutely doesn't matter how awesome, powerful, or irrefutable an argument is to us.

Rather, we write what decades of experience, psychological research, and marketing show us is most likely to get the most people to question the status quo and start making real, lasting change that eliminates as much suffering as possible.

So please be sure to read Mark's review for an insightful take on the potential pitfalls of advocacy.


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