Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can You Make A Difference?

Asking for donations at the start of the latest This American Life podcast, host Ira Glass tells listeners they can ignore his request and the show will still be there for them in the future.

This isn't the case with Vegan Outreach's work for the animals.

As we saw in the December 16 Enewsletter (booklet distribution chart at right), the number of new people reached by activists – and thus the number of new vegetarians providing the animals a voice – depends on your contributions.

There is simply no way to get to the goal we all share – a compassionate world where animals are respected as individuals – except to convince more and more people to change their diets.

And this can't happen by dictate or law – it has to happen from the ground up, person-by-person.

Vegan Outreach is committed to bringing about this change as quickly as possible. Activists across the continent are out there, every day, working to inform as many new people as possible about the hidden barbarism of modern agribusiness and the meaningful steps everyone can take to help end this cruelty.

As we point out in today's Enewsletter, today is the last day of the Team Vegan Double-Doubling opportunity.

If you've contributed already – thanks so much! We'll continue to do our best to make your contribution have the greatest impact possible.

If you've not had a chance, please consider making a contribution to a member of the team (details here).

And please keep Vegan Outreach in mind for the future. Creating fundamental change in society is a long-term project, and we all need to work together. Your support – now and in the future – will determine how many people learn of the animals' plight and discover what they can do to bring about a better world for all.

Thanks so much!

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