Monday, June 28, 2010


Today at the University of Minnesota - Duluth was a great way to end a month on the road. The first vegan I met was so excited to get a Guide, she later returned with another vegan friend who also wanted one. One woman had just stopped eating meat a week ago after watching The Cove. After reading Even If You Like Meat, she had a lot of questions about what it meant to be vegan and how to do it. One of the building maintenance guys  came over to see what I was handing out. When I told him it was a brochure about factory farming he said, "Oh yeah, that stuff is horrible." He said he had watched Food Inc. and King Corn recently. He said "I'll definitely look through this and take it into consideration."

I then spoke with a former vegetarian. She said after reading Even If, she thought she would have to get back on track and stop eating meat again. One guy said after watching Food Inc., he couldn't finish the bag of Tyson chicken wings in his freezer. I explained that Tyson was not alone in the way it raised chickens. He said he would look through the information.

Finally, a number of people referenced this story, which was above-the-fold front-page news: nearly 10% of the student population had already signed a petition for more vegan-friendly cafeteria!

Fred Tyler