Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From Further North

Our friends at Karmavore in British Columbia pass along their tabling report from Sapperton Day:

The event was fabulous! There were so many visitors to the street festival.

We handed out almost all of  the Why Vegan and Even If You Like Meat booklets you sent. We also had draws for several goodie baskets filled with vegan goodies, and we made entrants fill out a quiz with a couple simple questions that could be answered in the Why Vegan booklet, making sure that people had to read it to find the answers! Only one person said they did not want to enter because they didn't want to look at the pictures. 

We had great conversations with many, many people about veganism and making compassionate choices. There was a group of teenage girls that I spoke to for some time. One of them was vegetarian, and her friends suddenly seemed to understand. One was almost in tears after looking through the Why Vegan booklet, but in a good way, as if she was enlightened and knew it was her calling to make a change in her lifestyle.

Several people said they would read the info that we gave them in more detail, and that they would come back to the shop for more help with transitioning to veganism, with cooking ideas, nutrition, etc.

The funniest was this older man who kept cracking all these meat jokes (not vegan friendly) to a staff person at the shop, and I am approached him and said "hello", and he said, "You're vegan?" You look healthy!", as if to say all the vegans he has ever met before have been malnourished. He kept making fun of us being vegan, and so we went into details of factory farming, and in the end he ended up asking if he could read Why Vegan!

 It was a great day!