Friday, June 11, 2010

Seeing the Change ... and the Opportunity

As a follow-up to yesterday's post about making a difference, super-leafleter Stewart passes along this observation:

Zach [his son] said that on his running Facebook group, someone posted something anti-vegetarian – and 100 people jumped all over him, sending streams of pro-veg posts.  Margie [his wife] says more and more of her meat-eating friends are choosing veggie burgers at Burger King, Gardein at Chipotle, etc.  And she said that Skinny Bitch was still on display at the airport book store.  Then there's the coverage of the investigations, and the fake chicken article.  Encouraging! Although at times it seems like we're not getting anywhere, if you look around, you can see progress!

Anyone who has been vegetarian for five years (let alone 20) can see not only how much more widespread meat-free eating is, but also how much more awareness there is about factory farms, etc.

This change – from a society where meat-eating was unquestioned by everyone except for a handful of isolated vegetarians, to where we are today – didn't just happen. As Jack points out, veganism doesn't spread itself! This is because of the example and efforts of each of us.

And where we are in five more years also depends on each of us. We should revel in the opportunity we have to change the world!

All the best!

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