Thursday, June 17, 2010

Support Our Man Up North!

How would you like to be in Nebraska in November? Or Minnesota in March?

How 'bout leafleting the schools in those states, and the Dakotas, and Iowa, and Wisconsin, etc., in freezing winds, under sleety skies?

That's what Fred Tyler does.

Fred has reached nearly 86,000 individuals with VO's detailed booklets. We have a new profile of him up, in which he explains how he went veg and why he leaflets:

I got a Why Vegan pamphlet in the summer of 1996. At that point, I had never heard about factory farming, or thought about where my food was coming from. After reading the Why Vegan, I knew I had to change. I didn't want to support such an abusive industry. Over the course of the next month, I kept eliminating animal products from my diet until I was confident in calling myself vegan.

I knew first-hand that the leaflets were effective, and I wanted other people to learn the truth. When VO started the Adopt-A-College program, I joined in as my schedule allowed. I saw that it was a great demographic and people were generally receptive. When I was presented with an opportunity to do more of this important work, I jumped on it.

Fred has just joined Team Vegan, so you can show your support by contributing to VO via his page!

And, as we mentioned yesterday, you can receive one of Dr. Greger's new videos if you contribute $75 or more to the expanded matching challenge!

Double your dollars and show your support of Fred's incredible dedication! Thanks!