Tuesday, July 6, 2010

VO's Ongoing Quest for Results

As many of your know, the essay A Meaningful Life, lays out Vegan Outreach's guiding principles -- the fundamental "whys" behind our efforts.

But anyone who has read Jack's History of VO knows we haven't always had the same views and approach.

In "Letter to a Young Matt," I discuss some of my personal evolution, from worrying about words and ideology to a singular and pragmatic focus on reducing as much suffering as possible. Some of the questions that arose from these essays form the basis of this "Why Does VO..." interview.

Other examples of Vegan Outreach's evolution include the launch of Adopt a College and the evolution of our booklets; see, for instance, the 2004 announcement for Even If You Like Meat.

Regardless of the latest theory or internet debate, Vegan Outreach will continue to spend our limited time and resources working toward our bottom line: reducing as much suffering as possible.

We are honored to work with so many amazing activists and donors who share our goal. We will continue to be out there, every day, creating real, lasting change.


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