Saturday, August 14, 2010

Advice Saturday -- Gassy Vegan

A relatively common question VO receives:

I love vegan food, but it does not agree with me. Too much plant based food make me very gassy. I know that I am not alone on this one and even though I have seen all kinds of specialists in all kinds of fields related to this I am at a loss. I can not eat beans at all. Any suggestions?

One reply:

No simple answer to your query, unfortunately. A few thoughts:

Many vegans find that, over time, their body's (intestinal bacteria) adjust to the new diet, leading to an improvement in their body's reaction to plant-based foods.  Others find that certain foods are worse than others for them (e.g., Gimme Lean is worse than a Boca Burger; broccoli worse than romaine lettuce, etc.).

Recently, some people have said that eating chia seeds has cut down on their intestinal gas. We put them in our taco meat, chili, bread, etc.  One person told me that these digestive aids totally changed his life.

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