Monday, August 2, 2010

Amazing AAC!

As the new school year rapidly approaches (far too rapidly for some), we wanted to make sure you knew about the amazing accomplishments of our Adopt a College activists during the Spring semester!

Vic Sjodin and Brian Grupe both handed Vegan Outreach booklets directly to over 50,000 students, with Nikki Benoit and Jon Camp not far behind! Brian went to an incredible 128 different schools in just one semester, and Jon to 123, all across the continent!

Full-time social worker Joe Espinosa nearly hit 30,000, with Phil Letten, Leah Wagner, Leslie Patterson, and Casey Constable rounding out the top five volunteers.

Overall, 546,501 students at a record 821 schools received the detailed, documented case for compassion! See the huge list of everyone who made the term such an amazing one for the animals!

Thanks to all the hard work of Team Vegan and your incredibly generous support, Fall term should be just as successful!!