Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dialog of the Day

John: How do you deal with omnivores' "extreme PETA" label that is so often applied to vegan advocates?

Matt: We aren’t PETA. There isn’t anything else we can do / say;  there is no "magic answer" that will get everyone to consider the animals' plight.
Keep in mind that at this time, most people will make some excuse / rationalization to avoid facing / dealing with the cruelty behind their choices. If it wasn't their stereotype of PETA, it would be something else.  We know and accept that we can’t “answer” everything / everyone. We have limited time and resources, and need to reach those who are at least somewhat open minded.

J: I love that response. I'm not saying I'm against PETA, but being written off because of a person's perception of a SEPARATE organization is sometimes frustrating. I had never thought about the fact that they're simply trying to find a rationalization behind eating meat and not face the consequences of their eating habits.

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