Saturday, August 7, 2010

Feedback Saturday

#3 all-time volunteer leafleter Stewart is at his son Zach's (very old picture at right) team's cross-country (XC) running camp, and sends this report of the power of the veg example:

Another XC dad recently complained to Margie [Zach's Mom] that his son was trying to eat less and less meat, but he told his son that if he's going to run, he's got to eat tons of meat. That dad is also up here chaperoning at camp here in Mammoth, where I've been providing the veg meals. Now, after Zach has been kicking ass all week, this dad went to the store, bought some veggie meat, and insisted on making the veggie tacos tonight!

Bruce passes along this new feedback for The Animal Activist's Handbook:

I have my Animal Activist's Handbook right next to my bedside. It is so inspiring, I've re-read it countless times! It has helped my "manners" and whole outlook immensely. I can honestly say that I'm a better person because of it! Even my closest friends are blown away by how... I can handle myself around others when the rights of non-human beings come up! I can get even the nastiest to actually listen up!! Thank you. The world is better because of you.

Joe had this posted on his wall:

It was Vegan Outreach leaflets at Loving Cafe in Fort Wayne, Indiana that did it for me! Thank you for changing my life!

 Finally, have you voted for Vegan Outreach today in the VegNews poll?

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