Monday, August 30, 2010

The First Step or the Last?

Re-reading an old article over the weekend, I reflected that opportunities for constructive interactions with meat-eaters can be relatively rare. When we have these chances, do we focus on our diet / our desires ("Go Vegan!"), or do we try to get non-vegans to open their hearts and minds to the animals' plight?

Do we invite people to consider the first step, or demand the last step?

This came back to me when I saw this anecdotal post to the AAC, from Bryan Peas of Animal Protection and Rescue League:

We ran a small focus group (8 random [meat-eaters]) and Even If You Like Meat won hands down for content as well as cover (even though [basically the] same content as Why Vegan). Some liked Compassionate Choices as well. Nobody picked Why Vegan."