Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Story from St. Louis

I received a Compassionate Choices pamphlet from a well-mannered, friendly gentleman [Rick Hershey] before the Adam Lambert concert. It was a very hot evening, and that did not help the disposition of a couple of security guards who were intent on intimidating him into stopping what he was doing. He appeared unaffected by their tactics and never backed down.

It was interesting also how the people responded to his methods. One woman called out that her friend owned a chicken farm and he pleasantly replied that he bet her friend didn’t own a factory farm. She asked if that was different and he said that it was the other end of the continuum, so she took a pamphlet from him. People began to get out of line to approach him for the literature. Gradually the security guards began to warm up to him and before long they too asked him for pamphlets. The longer he was there, the more the guards seemed to like him. Eventually they told him about another line that he did not know of and, after thanking them, he literally ran away to catch that line before the doors opened.

Later in the evening, we ran into my friend (who had been standing in a another line) and noticed that she had the pamphlet. She commented on how she rarely takes things that people are handing out, but let him know that she helps animals. He politely used it as an opportunity to encourage her to take the pamphlet and to consider another way to help the animals.

Although I am a recent vegan, I have never had much influence on the eating habits of others.  My friend considers herself an animal lover yet never gave much thought about the contradiction that she lives by eating meat. Anyway, I wanted to share with you my observations and as a result of her interactions with this man and from reading your literature, my friend decided to stop eating meat!