Monday, August 23, 2010

More Meatless Mondays & Marriage Milestone Mission

DawnWatch summarizes recent MM coverage in Time.

Caitlin passes along this story:

My husband and I leafleted the local Lilith Fair stop. Overall, the crowd was very receptive and sometimes very sweet.

Here are some of our favorite quotes or scenarios:  

"I already went vegetarian because of that [pointing to leaflet]."

"God bless you for doing this work."  

"My grandmother and I raised chickens growing up.  I would name them and think of them as pets but my grandmother told me to stop because their names were Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.  I can't eat meat with bones to this day because it's too real."  [This led to a nice conversation about cultural and family expectations.  We shared experiences about being mocked by others for caring about animals.  Hopefully, the leaflet sparked some of his retired love for animals.]  

"I've been vegetarian for 30 years!"  

At one point, a tiny girl pushed through the crowd yelling, "I want it!  I want to help animals!"  She grabbed a brochure from myself, and then hit up Anthony [at right] for one too.  

One couple took a few leaflets from us to bring inside to give to the food vendors since they found no veg friendly food inside and were forced to get rid of the food they tried to bring into the concert.  

A girl took a leaflet from me and said, "Don't worry.  I'll go over this with my friends. [Turns to friends...] C'mon you carnivores!"  

One of the parking attendants took a long time reading the brochure.  She was disturbed by what she saw, and talked with Anthony for a long time about how to make a change that her family wouldn't oppose.  

We are beyond happy that we did it, and I just ordered a bunch more literature because we have our sights on some more events to leaflet.  It was also a special day because it marked the one year anniversary of our marriage, and we spent it leafletting followed by a dinner at the same vegan restaurant our reception was held.