Thursday, August 26, 2010

Recipe of the Week

Vegan Tacos / Chili.

Note that you can pretty much make this with anything -- broken up Boca burgers, reconstituted TVP, crumbled tofu (extra firm would be best), etc. Don't need the taco seasoning -- can add cumin and chili pepper to taste. Heck, you can just add a bunch of salsa.

I never make this the same way twice. This Tuesday I started with the Gimme Lean, adding a little garlic and half a leftover red onion. After mostly cooked up, I added some finely chopped red cabbage (about a cup). Later, the envelope of taco seasoning, turmeric (very high in anti-oxidants, according to Dr. Greger), a can of chopped tomatoes with green chilies, a can of V8, and ~4T of chia seeds. Let this simmer down, have with burrito or shells and dip (or Tofutti sour cream). The next day, we had leftovers with rice and corn chips. Delicious!