Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feedback Wednesday

Some thoughtful feedback in the current Facebook thread about this podcast. If you're not on FB, you might find this one useful:

This was particularly relevant for me because I am stuggling with going vegan. I go for several weeks vegan, but then break down and have meat (always grass fed, pastured, sustainable, local). This past weekend I encountered some confrontational vegans, understanding vegans, and a former 12 year vegetarian who is now a butcher/chef specializes in bacon. I was experiencing a catharsis while listening to each of them speak -- but the aggressive judgmental vegan shut me down and made me upset, shuting down the part of me that was willing and ready. 

Living as an example and being compassionate to the human animals you encounter who are unaware or struggling is the most effective way to change the world. Thanks for voicing this POV.

And this nice email from Australia:

The interview with Steve was great. The more I read your book (lives on my bedside table), and the more people I give it to (I bought several copies while back), the more certain I am that your approach is the most effective one, and the more meaningfully I modify my own outlook. Sooooo grateful to you.

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