Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fish Are Friends ... Plus Feedback!

BFF BF passes along this research summary (pdf) showing that vegetarians' moods are fine even without consuming the fatty acids in fish flesh.

Be sure to see the Omega-3 and other fat sections at And if you've never seen the "not food" clip, here it is. Note the voice of vegan Ellen Degeneres.

And two bits of feedback. From OL:

I am feeling very blessed to be getting into leafleting; I can see that it is a very important way to spread the message. Previously, I thought activism had to involve running around and shouting in peoples' faces that they are evil for eating meat. But the feedback I got was not very positive or productive (duh), and left me at home crying about my inability to help animals. With peaceful leafleting, I feel I can reach so many more individuals and have a much bigger impact, and so I am really glad that I discovered you guys.


I used to be a vegan years ago (for about 5 years), then I had children and it was difficult to get all the protein. [Not really -ed.] My daughter just began college this year and someone handed her a pamphlet and your website.  She now wants to become a vegan.  She actually was when she was very little.