Friday, September 10, 2010

The Indisputable Bottom Line

Looking through this year's selected feedback to choose some for our November print newsletter, I came across this from Dan Kuzma:

I talked to two Youngstown State English classes looking for topics for a paper. My talk was not what they expected. Essentially, my whole talk incorporated VO literature (Even If You Like Meat), which was very well received by the 50 students. I kept on track the whole time using the “indisputable bottom line” argument for changing their diet. Many said the argument – reducing animal suffering – had no holes or flaws in it, essentially leaving them with no questions about why one should not eat animals.

I was reminded of this when Jon Camp sent along this article about a former vegan renouncing their previous statistics-based contentions.

Keeping with the "countering the stereotype" theme of earlier this week, Dan's story concluded:

When I polled them before class, 2/3 said they had had a “bad vegetarian experience” – i.e. conflict with a difficult vegetarian. I feel safe to say that the talks were good vegetarian experiences for the students. Many of the students decided to write about the issue and are rethinking the way that they eat.

Related Friday video: although not the most "opening hearts and minds" message (and the video takes over a minute to get going), The Smiths (audio only) did keep it simple, and indisputable.

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