Thursday, September 2, 2010

Links and More Feedback

Several links from yesterday's Enewsletter, in case you missed them:

Dr Greger on ABC, re: Eggs – Really amazing to see this footage on national T.V.

AnimalVisuals Graphic on Salmonella and Battery Cages

And I happened to see these nice words Jo posted on Facebook:

It was the encouraging, understanding voice I discovered on the VO website which helped me when I first transitioned to veganism 6 years ago. If it weren't for them, I'm not sure I would have arrived at the place I am today. When I first went vegan, I came across a few people online who struck me as very angry and condescending. I saw how they attacked other vegans for not being vegan "enough" (as they defined it) and was even afraid to self-identify as a vegan for fear of being judged and attacked by other vegans! VO reaches and encourages people to take the first step on the path to veganism and gives them the strength and confidence to continue to learn and embrace more "advanced" animal rights and liberation concepts as they are ready. I am very grateful for their work.