Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rationalizations vs. Facts

We've mentioned before that the quickest way to fame and fortune is to tell the public they simply have to eat meat.

The latest book-length rationalization* is The Vegetarian Myth, which, it seems, Ginny Messina can hardly read for all the contradictions, misinformation, and fabrications. Her relatively brief review (sticking primarily to Ginny's area of expertise) shows far more kindness and sympathy than I could. (Be sure to check out the other links in Ginny's review, as well.)

Ginny also links to Real Vegan Children, which proves, counter to anti-vegetarian claims, that it is possible to thrive as a vegan.

Not to brag,** but how can these people possibly explain just this one case? Anne was vegan before and during pregnancy, and Ellen has been vegan her entire life. Her IQ is over 140 (higher than either of ours), her average grade at the city's top high school has been an "A+" with a 4.3 GPA (highest possible given her classes to date). Last spring, she got a perfect 800 on the SAT Math 2 test, and a perfect 5 on her AP Euro test. In her first two years of high school, she's earned four varsity letters and has run at the state championships for cross-country, 4x800, and 3200.

Seriously -- doesn't just this one example give the anti-vegetarians even the slightest pause? Do they lack reason or shame (or both)?


* "People have an infinite capacity to rationalize -- especially when it comes to something they want to eat!"
-Cleveland Amory

** OK, maybe a little bragging.