Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ginny, Jon, and Zinn

Today's Vegan Outreach Enewsletter is streaming through the internets as we speak!

One item that came too late to make it is in Ginny Messina's insightful new post, Olive Oil, Health and Advocacy. The entire thing is worth a read, but here is one quick excerpt:

Ten billion (land) animals live and die under the most horrible conditions imaginable in the United States every year. So obviously, our efforts should focus on getting people to consume less…olive oil?

I wonder why anyone would think that taking an anti-olive oil stance could be effective advocacy for animals. As I’ve written before, adding restrictions to vegan diets that don’t improve their healthfulness ends up dissuading more people from going vegan than it is likely to attract. ... Let’s make vegan diets as healthy and easy and attractive as possible. Olive oil is a positive in that regard, not a negative.

And to be sure you don't miss it, here is Jon's bit from today's Enewsletter:

At Northeastern Illinois University, one young woman asked if it was hard knowing that a lot of people won’t change. I told her that a good many people do, in fact, change, and that even if not everyone comes around to our side, the change we create is very real to those we impact.

Big change usually starts modestly and grows. Paraphrasing Howard Zinn, if we do get involved in activism, there is a decent chance we can help bring about needed change. If we don’t do this, there is no chance we will bring about such change. And when adding the fact that working for a cause greater than ourselves can bring about an exciting, life-affirming existence, there is only one feasible option for those looking to make an impact in the world – to get involved.

The Zinn video Jon references: