Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Real Health, AAH Review, Advanced Feedback

Here's a health argument we can all get behind: Dark Chocolate May Slash Coronary Heart Disease

A new review of The Animal Activist's Handbook is now online.

And for those of you who can't wait for tomorrow's Enewsletter:

What a morning at SUNY Albany! Twice I was referred to as “You Guys” (“Oh -- it's You Guys”).
       One student said he tried being vegan for two weeks but it wasn't for him. I said that every meal without animal products is a little victory, and that back when I was a runner I used to find that if I could just talk myself into getting into my running clothes and doing a block, I would find myself exceeding my initial goal by a few miles.
      Another student commented that we shouldn't be condemning people for eating meat when we use up all these resources to eat vegetables. I managed to get him to stop to talk about it by expressing an interest in his point of view. Then I explained that it takes more plants, not fewer, to feed an omnivore. It was wonderful to see his arguments fade into the air and his disdain turn to admiration as he discovered that Vegan Outreach is not about taking the moral high ground, but about the prevention of suffering.  
—Laura Hart, 9/3/10