Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unused Feedback

We tried to select some representative feedback for the upcoming print newsletter, but obviously, we can only fit a small fraction.

Here are a few that missed the cut but are worth sharing....

Here in the very conservative farm state of Kansas, we’re doing our best to spread the word about factory farming and animal suffering, handing out Vegan Outreach literature and referencing your website. (We also leave your booklets on the pamphlet table at church.) As a result, our church has decided to always offer vegetarian fare as an alternative. Our daughters also do outreach to their friends at school, and some have gone vegetarian. Just as we were ignorant in the past, we believe most people really don’t know about modern factory farming, and it is our job to get the information to them. 

My husband, a friend, and I went to dinner last night. They wanted to dispute veganism. For example, they brought up how Jesus ate meat. But I remembered your bottom line; my response was, “I don’t want to fight. I don’t know about God’s reason for allowing this; the reason I am doing this is because I want to reduce suffering.” That was the end of the conversation. Your message/ focus is extremely effective. 

Emily, Jessica, Colin, Stephanie, and I leafleted the Acquire the Fire Christian Youth concert/rally with the new Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? leaflet from the Christian Vegetarian Association. Some comments we got: “I don't know, these days he probably wouldn’t.” “No I don't think Jesus would eat meat." "Maybe we shouldn't eat meat anymore.”
     A couple of girls who walked by said, "Hey, I’ll become a vegetarian, if you do.” “Yeah, let’s!” One girl ran to her group and shouted, “Guess what? I’m going to become a vegetarian!” Then there was a middle-aged woman who approached me and said, “Thank you for doing this!” And an adolescent boy who stopped in line and said, “Give me a high five!"
—Yvonne LeGrice