Monday, November 8, 2010

13 Million ... and YOU!

Yes, that's right!

We recently distributed our 13,000,000th booklet!

Now here's the important point:

This didn't happen because of the government.
This didn't happen because of a corporation.
This didn't happen because of a million-dollar celebrity grant.

This happened because of YOU!

No company handed out these booklets.


No foundation paid for to have the booklets printed and shipped.


The countless lives changed forever
The countless animals spared a life of torture and slaughter

All because of YOU!

We simply can't say it enough – you are the key. And you – yes, YOU! – should take pride in every single booklet that opens another heart, another mind – the real results every single day!

Please remember: How soon we, together, reach the next million, five million, thirteen million – again, this depends on you! 

Please continue to be a part by doubling your contribution today! Thanks!