Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kenyon Results -- The World Needs to Know

Yesterday, Vic Sjodin and Brian Wink reached nearly 1,000 of Kenyon College's 1,400 students (the school had never been leafleted before). Vic reported:

We saw lots of students reading and had several profound talks. Also overheard that an English class discussed the booklets.

Best part of day for me was when three students and a professor were grilling me about sustainable meat etc, I conceded it was better than factory farming but held firm against killing when not necessary. Compassion is putting yourself in the place of the victim and I'm sure pigs, chickens, deer, lobsters don't want to be killed.  Its as simple as grabbing from one shelf and not the other.

Vegan Outreach then received this email:

There were a couple of people handing out your leaflets at my school, Kenyon College, today.  Although I have been a vegetarian for over seven years, your booklets really helped renew my dedication to the cause.  I REALLY appreciated that they weren't polarizing like other organizations. Your leafleters approached the vegan/ vegetarian issue in a very reasonable way.  PLEASE keep up the good work -- the world needs to know.

As you know, this work can only continue with your support! Thanks to everyone who has had their donation doubled with the new matching challenge

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