Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When We Say "Every Day," We Mean It!

Jack (who has been on fire at his blog) points out Adopt-a-College's daily totals page, where you can see how many new people have been directly handed a booklet by VO activists. For example, the last week for which most reports are in:

FNov 5, 201010,630
ThNov 4, 201010,816
WNov 3, 201011,226
TuNov 2, 201011,003
MNov 1, 201010,306
SunOct 31, 201012,831
SatOct 30, 20104,289

As we point out in today's Enewsletter, this is only possible because of your efforts -- your time doing outreach, and your donations to print and ship more booklets.