Monday, December 20, 2010

Feedback Monday

At Laney College, a guy turned around to give me back the brochure, saying he got one last semester and because of it, he doesn’t eat meat. Later, at the College of Alameda, one young lady told me she had received a brochure at City College of San Francisco last year and it convinced her to go vegan.
—Brian Grupe

Leafleting was great today! Four teenage girls eagerly received their booklets:
     Girl #1: “Ugh, I can’t look at these pictures!”
     Girl #2 (to me): “Are you vegetarian?”
     Me: “Yes.”
     Girl #4: “What do you eat?”
     Me (while giving them Guides): “Everything other than our animal friends – easiest thing I’ve ever done!”
     Girl #1: “That’s it! Let’s do it! I can’t look at these pictures…I need to go vegetarian. Seriously, let’s do it! Now! Done.”
     Girls #2–4: “Okay; Okay; Done!”
—Nikki Benoit

At the University of South Florida, one student came up to me and said, “Can I have that chicken book?” She came back to me 20 minutes later. I said, “What do you think?” She said, “I’m going to oppose this cruelty.”
—Rob Gilbride

Today I received your booklet at the University of North Dakota. I have always been a meat eater; however, after seeing and reading the disturbing things in your pamphlet, I have decided to consume far less meat, if any at all. It is hard to believe that animals can be treated as cruelly as this. It really sickens me to see something of this nature. I am going to start my changes today!

At Indiana University, Bloomington, Darina and I heard from dozens of vegetarians– good reception and very little antagonism. We reached over 2,600 students. The very first person I offered a booklet to was vegetarian, and one of the last let me know that getting the booklet last semester is what moved him to become vegetarian.
—Joe Espinosa

At Daley College and the University of Illinois, Chicago, I heard from a number of students planning to change their diets. One woman told me, “That’s the magazine that made my daughter go vegetarian!” One young man took a booklet, then came back a couple minutes later upset. He said, “This is disgusting! I don’t think I can eat this anymore.”
—Leslie Patterson

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