Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We have pages of amazing feedback for tomorrow's Enewsletter. Here are two I want to be sure you see:

Brian and I had a good day at Washtenaw Community College, Concordia University, and the University of Michigan, Dearborn. One girl stopped dead in her tracks and read the leaflet cover to cover! She got a Guide, of course. Others expressed interest and a few came back for more booklets. 
At Kalamazoo College (never before leafleted), Brian and I hit 40% of the population. When I went looking for the bathroom, I saw one guy reading the Even If aloud to an entire room of students. On the next floor, the teacher was discussing factory farming, likely due to us leafleting. 
I've also received some electronic feedback lately from students who had gone veg after meeting me at their school, some of whom are now activists. For example: (After meeting you and Phil). "I knew what I had to do. Since then I've gotten the chance to share what I know now with people who can finally see vegetarianism in a new light." 
—Vic Sjodin, 10/14/10   

At Cal State, Sacramento, a rancher who had taken a booklet found us later and said the information in the pamphlet was not only completely accurate, but in some cases, the treatment of animals on factory farms was worse than described in the booklet. We talked for about 15 minutes, and I could really see his wheels turning. He told me about particular animals that he raised for slaughter that he has fond memories of, he even called them by names. He agreed that all animals have unique personalities and an interest in their own lives. He also agreed that there is no true difference between a cow and a dog except that we eat one and not the other. He described times that he witnessed slaughter when the animals were still clearly alive, and he acknowledged that it was cruel. He wasn't apologetic, but very open to what I had to say. He said he only does it for the profit, and after a moment of silence, said, "I guess that's not the best justification." Wow! 
—Linda and Serena, 10/11/10