Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Interview out Today

Made Just Right has a new interview out today. Short excerpt:

What are some positive changes you’ve noticed, in your health or otherwise, that occurred since you started your diet?

My entire life has changed since I went vegan. My career has obviously changed as well, and I’ve met and had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing and dedicated people in the world....

....So, is there any type of situation (e.g. social, survival) that would cause you to cheat on your diet? When?


I’d like to think that over time, my survival is a net good for the animals, so I think I would “cheat” on my diet to survive. But it also depends on what you mean by “cheat.” 

I’ll take medicines that have been tested on animals, I’ll drink tap water filtered with bone char, I’ll eat a veggie burger cooked in a non-vegan restaurant, etc. – all things that some vegans consider to be “non-vegan.”

But to me, “vegan” isn’t a diet or a set of rules or exclusions. Rather, my veganism is about trying to reduce as much suffering in the world as possible. To do so requires more than just making the right purchases, but also being an example that leads to more people changing their habits and diets.

You can read the entire thing here.

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