Thursday, January 6, 2011

In Case You Didn't See This

Vegan diets becoming more popular, more mainstream

(Also at CBS and other places)

Two quick comments:

"While Kraft Foods reports that it shipped out more Boca Original Vegan Burger Patties and Boca Ground Crumbles last year, the increase was a modest 1 percent."

My understanding is that Kraft has been unable to keep up with demand, due in part to production problems. It has certainly seemed that way here -- there currently aren't any of the vegan patties at the local grocery store (and haven't been for many weeks). Also, Costco says the jumbo Boca burgers they used to carry have been discontinued, despite, as they told me, being one of their best sellers.
(Update: a reader comments that Boca isn't the only supplier of vegan foods, and thus isn't the measure of the vegan market. As more people go vegan, more companies will supply vegan foods. IOW, the market can grow without one particular company growing.)

More importantly: as Jack emphasizes, veganism doesn't spread itself. There are more vegans -- and more mainstreaming of veganism -- because of our conscious and concerted efforts.