Monday, January 24, 2011

Nikki Story from Santa Monica Community College

Yvonne and I met this beautiful soul after we had packed up to leave. We made eye contact and I ran over to her with a leaflet to "help animals." Within minutes she was crying, and later wrote me:

I'm happy I met you -- total Providence! Lately, I was thinking I was eating too much meat and if I should eat meat at all, but was in a mindless loop. After our talk and viewing the pamphlets, I became disgusted by meat due to animal cruelty. Ironically, my mom prepared beef that night; upon seeing and smelling it, I wanted to vomit. Funny thing is I ruined her dinner after recalling our discussion -- she's on board too! 

It's shopping day tomorrow and we're excited to go vegan!

Co-workers asked what was I reading and I told them, then lightly asked their opinions on animal cruelty. They all agreed that commercial farms are wrong and even expressed shame or guilt in their attitudes. Their general response was, "Being vegetarian is hard," but I was able to refute that.

Right, a different SMCC student who, that same day, told Nikki, "You guys made me quit eating meat."