Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Only Wanting a Fair Fight

Following up on yesterday's comment on Chipotle "testing" a vegetarian meat, Stewart offers this first-hand experience:

Chipotle's Garden Blend was delicious, yet doomed for failure from the start.  They offered it at several locations, yet never put in on their menu.  There was a single plain black and white flyer off to the side that might not catch your eye.  These last several months, they took the flyer down.  And since the Gardein looks just like chicken, most people just saw the trough as just another trough of chicken, not even questioning what that would be.  The only people who ordered it were those of us that knew about it VO or Peta and frequent Chipotle.  I'm not sure why they wouldn't give it a fair test.  

Chipotle has an online contact form, if you wanted to offer your feedback.