Thursday, February 24, 2011

Question Thursday: Vegan Easy?

If a member of the public asked you whether veganism was easy or hard, how would you respond?

I would say that, if you are currently following the standard American diet and don't have close vegan friends, the idea of being vegan / going vegan immediately will almost certainly seem hard.

If the situation was right, I would go on to say: But if you are committed and resourceful, it will definitely get easier and easier. (Especially with things like Gardein Tuscan chick’n breast.) 

For us now, after being vegan for decades, it is second nature, so much so that when people say, “Veganism is so hard,” our involuntary initial reaction is “What the heck are you talking about??”

That isn’t the right response, obviously. It took me a long time to get to this point (and I still sometime forget), but questions from the public aren’t for me.

I’m answering for the animals.

Of course, I, like nearly everyone, like to talk about myself. It is nearly irresistible! But the animals have no voice but ours. So every question we get is an opportunity to answer for the animals.

In this case, the issue isn’t my opinion of veganism. Rather, I think about where the other person is coming from. If I say veganism is easy, and they think, “Well, maybe for you, but it seems hard to me!”  they’re lost to making changes for the animals.

So the point isn’t to show how into veganism I am, how much I know, how easy it is for me, or even what it will be like for them in X months. Rather, our goal should be to engage the person from where they are at the moment.