Monday, March 7, 2011


Shannon, Marc, Kevin, and I reached 2,942 students at USC today. This private school houses a lot -- a lot -- of herbivorous humans....holy wow they were everywhere! Chatted with a campus chef who advised that an ALL VEGAN eatery is being planned for this campus!
Can I just say how AMAZING AND INSPIRING IT IS to work among some of THE most dedicated animal heroes EVER!!! Add on all you amazing leafleters across the globe, roughing some fierce conditions to get the word out. I bow to you all .... some of the Earth's most amazing unsung heroes, you are. <3
—Nikki Benoit, 1/17/11

Today at Ohlone College ranks among one of the best leafleting experiences I've ever had -- reached nearly 1,000 students. It was one of those days when you walk away a little bit exhausted but totally high on life. The campus was filled with wonderfully open minded students. I cannot even count how many inspiring conversations I had. One guy told me that he received a leaflet a semester or year ago, and when I asked him what he thought about it, he said, "Oh, it's horrible what they do to the animals. I don't eat meat anymore." Another guy, a self-professed staunch meat eater, thanked me for being out there, as did many other people.
I'm filled with so much love and appreciation for Vegan Outreach, all the people who support it, all the recipients of leaflets, and the evolution of vegan consciousness.
—Jeni Haines, 2/3/11 

Above, another student who went vegetarian after getting a booklet.