Thursday, March 24, 2011

Q Thursday: Measuring

How does Vegan Outreach measure the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns? Is it based on X number of booklets handed out so therefore it is X number of people 'reached' regardless of whether they read it or not?

This is a complicated question. We know that giving someone a booklet in passing has a much lower chance of changing them than sitting them down, befriending them, getting them to watch Meet Your Meat, answering all their questions personally, teaching them how to shop and cook, etc.

But obviously, the latter is not an option.

As Jack Norris points out, spreading veganism is, in the end, a numbers game.

We can do what we can to tweak this – focusing on younger people, using a specific booklet for a certain crowd, etc. – but in the end, to change our society, we need to get this information to as many people as quickly as possible.

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