Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long Q Short A Thursday: Words vs Actions

In this talk, you say when you were 21, you were self-righteous, angry, and obsessive. Since then, you say, you have learnt that “what matters is suffering,” something your younger self was supposedly ignorant about having not personally suffered. You say you were worried about “abstractions and words and principles” and “argued about exploitation, oppression, liberation, etc.” You suggest this means you “didn’t take suffering seriously.” You said: “Now, knowing what suffering really is, and knowing how much there is in the world, all my previous concerns seem – well, to put it kindly, ridiculous.”
Why is talking about exploitation, oppression and liberation (putting it kindly) “ridiculous,” and is it not the case that such concerns are ALL about suffering?

I agree! All the words are, ultimately, about suffering. So no more debates about words, and more actual work reducing actual suffering!

No time wasting here!
Danielle Williams helps reduce suffering at Vanderbilt.