Thursday, April 7, 2011

Q Thursday: Graphic Photos

Can you explain why Vegan Outreach uses graphic photos in its booklets?

The short answer is that, based on the experience we’ve had in the past two decades, using images that show cruelty to animals (as opposed to preaching philosophy, or showing only "happy" pictures) is the most effective means of reducing as much suffering as possible.

There are many factors playing into this. Perhaps the most important is that, while most people are speciesist and think it is OK to kill animals, the vast, vast majority of people oppose cruelty to animals.

Showing people the hidden cruelty that goes on in factory farms and industrial slaughterhouses starts where people are -- repulsed by cruelty to animals -- rather than where we want them to be.

Or, as Jonathan Safran Foer said: We focus on the first step, not the last.