Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Holy Chicken! New All-Time Record!

Adopt a College leafleters have set an all-time record for the most students reached in a semester!!

Jack posted this to the AAC list:

I know we sound a like broken record, but you have broken another record!

The Spring 2011 total is now 661,200 booklets at 774 colleges.
The previous record was Fall of 2008 with 659,221.
Thank you for all your very hard work!

And we have, technically, 5 weeks to go until the semester changes, so we could possibly get to 700,000. Just think, it only took us 6 months to hand out as many as Jon Camp (above) has in 8 years. Hopefully that will serve as a wake-up call and motivate him for next semester.

I was just at the Vegans in Vegas conference where a number of people asked me "What is new with VO?" I told them we were doing the same thing but more of it. Until people no longer need this information, we need to keep giving it to them. And while there isn't much new in what we do, it's terribly important if we are to make gains for animals on any front. The less society bases its food choices on killing animals, the more open it will become to getting rid of any sort of animal cruelty. So while it seems as though we only work on spreading veganism, we are creating grassroots support for all animal issues.

I followed up:


Congrats to everyone who has been a part of the amazing AAC record!

I'd like to amplify what Jack said, in that we are all a part of this work, not because it is the "sexiest" (except you, Joe (right)) or the most immediately rewarding, but because it has the greatest long-term payoff for the animals. We are always looking to have the absolute biggest impact per hour spent and dollar donated.

The latter is an important point worth keeping in mind. AAC distribution has, in many ways, tracked the economy. Distribution grew and grew until reaching a peak in the Fall of 2008; with the collapse of the economy, donations to VO fell off and we were no longer able to print and distribute as many booklets.

This new record is, of course, a testament to the incredible efforts of everyone on this list, but also to all the donors who made 2010's end-of-year fundraising our best ever. Your contributions are what printed and shipped the 661,200 booklets that have made their way into the hands of students all across the country.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been a part of this amazing accomplishment. It isn't something "Vegan Outreach" has done -- it is literally the work of all of us, leafleters and donors. And thanks to everyone who has joined and/or given to Team Vegan (! Your dollars today *absolutely* will reach more students tomorrow, creating the *fundamental* change we all want!

I am thrilled and honored to work with you all!