Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In Big Trouble Now!

Oh NOES! I missed our tenth anniversary ... with the Enewsletter!

From the very first issue, we've been focused on the bottom line -- reducing the number of animals suffering:

Will It Be a World of Herbivores? (Wired News)
It might be tempting to feel smug about Mad Cow (sheep) and Foot-and-Mouth disease, but none of the animals – especially the chickens – are too terribly happy. While a relatively few people might go veg, if most people simply move to eating poultry instead of beef, the number of animals killed will continue to increase.
The news stories do offer an excellent opportunity to provide people with information about the treatment of all animals raised and slaughtered for food, as well as describe the health benefits of a well-planned vegetarian diet. What is important is to go beyond the specifics of a particular news story, and use the occasion to offer literature and/or tell a story about your transition to a veg diet.

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