Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Record, Team Vegan, and You!

Students at Allan Hancock College learn the truth,
courtesy of Peggy Koteen and Johanna Andris ...
and YOU! 
Already this semester, Adopt-a-College activists have handed a VO booklet directly to 620,574 students at campuses across the country, utterly destroying the previous Spring term record of 547,220!

VO was able to print and distribute all the booklets that reached all these individuals because of the donors who stepped up and contributed to the end-of-year matching campaign.

Even as activists are still reaching new people, we are looking ahead to Fall semester. How many new students we reach depends on how many booklets we can print and ship.

And that depends on you!

Do you want more people to learn the truth and start taking action for the animals? Do you want there to be more and more vegetarians standing up for what's right and providing the animals a voice?

Then please, be a part of Team Vegan 2011!

You can still register to be an official member of the team -- details at the Team Vegan site.

Or, you can donate today, and your contribution will be matched, dollar for dollar!

You can contribute to the Team's general fund, one of our amazing leafleters (like Fred Tyler, our man up North), the "Help Stop Violence" guy, Sherlock the Doggie, and Team Vegan Cat.

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of it today!